About Dr. Neal Reisman

Houston, Texas is famous for its unsurpassed health care. It is in this environment of excellence that the increased public demand for plastic surgery has pushed the field to new heights.

Neal R. Reisman, M.D., J.D., F.A.C.S. is a nationally recognized, board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas specializing in aesthetic surgery. All of his patients receive caring, individualized attention.

He has been named a “Top Doc” by HTexas Magazine and a “Super Doc” by Texas Magazine for years. He has pioneered the Split Muscle Natural Breast Augmentation and Short Scar Mini Facelifts.

If you seek a plastic surgeon who listens to your concerns, educates you about the surgical outcome that can be realistically achieved, and won’t rush you through the consultation or plastic surgery decision-making process, Dr. Reisman, might be the right plastic surgeon for you.

Call us at 713-795-5353 to schedule an appointment.